CMS Investigations

CMS Investigations

Head Office - Kent.     Regional offices -   Midlands/ Burton on Trent.     North West/ Warrington.

We support legal teams in relation to Criminal defence work, civil litigation and Employment tribunals.

An area we particularly specialise in is support to legal teams representing clients who are officers or complainants in Police / HMRC / NCA misconduct or corruption investigations.

We review evidence and case files from a law enforcement perspective. Our team are all recently retired Police officers and detectives who have worked in special operations arenas. The experts from this team have recent experience in Police Major Crime units, Major Incident teams and the Serious Organised Crime Agency. They can be a valuable asset to Legal teams as our experts understand how the police operate, gather, collate and present evidence.

In organised crime and complex criminal prosecutions we can offer experts who have a wealth of experience in the preparation of computer evidence, Surveillance evidence, Audio / video evidence including RIPA authorities.

An area in which we offer a particular expertise is the examination of telephone evidence. We work with some of the leading defence experts in the UK in relation to forensic examination of mobile phones, cell site analysis and other Geo data material. This enables defence teams to challenge extraction methods and content relied on by the prosecution. Our expertise and experience in this field enables us to examine all of the relevant material and data and present opportunities for challenges to prosecution phone attribution evidence.

We will examine the evidence in the case and identify any legal, procedural and ACPO guideline breaches. This will include close scrutiny of compliance with PACE and ECHR. They will also be able give an invaluable insight into why officers may have conducted themselves in the manner alleged by the client.

We provide a comprehensive report outlining areas of concern highlighting areas where we feel law, policy and procedure have been breached.

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