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EPO Probate , Wills and Estate planning If you die without making a will, the law decides on how your estate is distributed between your remaining family.

If you have no family then your estate i.e. the hard earned cash and assets that you have worked for all of your life, may end up in the Government's coffers . What is worse, if you have not married or formed a legal civil partnership with the person that you have been living with for most of your life and die without naming them as beneficiaries, they will end up with not a penny from your estate and may be kicked out of the house that you have shared together by a relative that neither of you knew the deceased ever had! Other horror stories involve the making of home made wills , or even the ones that you can buy from newsagents for a few pounds.

Sometimes you can set up complicated and expensive Trusts by accident. Also using ambiguous words can cause no end of expensive problems for the very people you want to benefit. If you have a will drafted by one of our experts, it will probably save your beneficiaries thousands of pounds or more after your death as a result. If your spouse or partner instructs us at the same time and the will instructions are similar, the second will is half price.

Apart from drafting wills so that the right people benefit, liability for Inheritance Tax may also be an important consideration and can be reduced or eliminated by following expert advice from us. If you divorce or remarry or a relative or friend dies, or a child is born, you may wish to review your will and we may be able to make the amendments by codicil which is usually cheaper than drafting a completely new will.

EPO Lawyers can offer you sensitive expert advice and guidance on all of these matters to ensure that your wishes are met If you need some advice about this or any topic, we are quite happy to give a limited amount eg an email or a phone call's worth for free.

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