Finders International Probate Genealogists

Finders International Probate Genealogists

Finders International was established in 1997 and our global reach, exceptional results and quality of service are well known to our numerous regular clients. Our integrity is second to none, and we can resolve the most complex of tasks in a cost efficient and professional manner.

We are a main firm on BBC1 Heir Hunters and have numerous media credits to our name on TV, radio and in the press. We also offer a range of useful additional services.

We identify & locate:

  • Beneficiaries on intestacy 
  • Named Legatees 
  • Missing Executors 
  • Beneficiaries to Trusts, Pension Funds or Insurance Policies 
  • Freeholders to land or property owners 
  • Dormant account holders 
  • Missing shareholders 
  • Rightful successors and beneficiaries to any of the above

We are agents for AVIVA missing beneficiary and missing will and other bespoke insurances.

We also find:

  • Missing Wills
  • Missing Assets
  • Missing Documents
  • Overseas Bankruptcy Searches

Our Asset Valuation & Transfer team:

  • Provide Medallion Signature Guarantees
  • Deal with Missing Share Certificates
  • Close Foreign Accounts
  • Value, sell and transfer shares & securities
  • Re-seal Grants of Probate or Obtain foreign Grants
  • Recover unclaimed dividends

Contact Information

  • 6-8 Vestry Street
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    United Kingdom
  • Telephone: 0800 085 8796
  • Website: Finders International Probate Genealogists
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  • Office Hours:

    Monday 09:00 - 17:30
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