Forensic Assessment

Forensic Assessment

I have been a full time, practicing Forensic Scientist for over 35 years, working both on behalf of Prosecution / Police and Criminal Defence Solicitors during that time period. Since 1994 I have worked almost exclusively as an expert acting on behalf of Criminal Defence Solicitors throughout the UK.
I am the Principal Forensic Scientist with Forensic Assessment, and I am a fully vetted and approved member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses

With primary offices in both Coventry and Preston, as well as several satellite offices in other areas of England, Scotland & Wales, Forensic Assessment provides a Nationwide service to those businesses seeking our Professional services.

Forensic Assessment provides a wide range of Forensic Services to the Legal Services Profession (mainly Criminal Defence Solicitors), throughout England, Scotland & Wales who wish to engage a Forensic Scientist to inspect, assess and and robustly evaluate scientific evidence that the Prosecution will seek to rely on in support of allegations against a defendant.

In addition, we can undertake the Forensic examination of items not examined on behalf of the Prosecution.

Such evidence covers many aspects of the scientific investigation of crime including crime scene examination, DNA profiling on all body fluids; blood pattern analyses on clothing weapons and crime scenes; footwear, fabric and toolmark impressions; fibre transfer; particulate material transfer; yields from cannabis plants; drug valuations and usage issues; technical defence drink / drug drive issues; toxicology; legal classification of firearms and ammunition; fingerprints; Misuse of Drugs Act issues including comparison of drugs and packaging, and drug traces on banknotes; Arson investigation and associated laboratory examinations; handwriting comparison; mobile phone & computer forensics, and cell site analyses.

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