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Founded in 2004, Forensic Excellence UK (FEUK) provides a wide range of Forensic services throughout England & Wales to the Legal Profession, primarily but not exclusively to Criminal Defence Solicitors who represent clients facing charges which involve some form of Forensic evidence that will be relied upon by the CPS.

Our main office is based in Manchester, with a smaller office in London (20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU), and our highly qualified and experienced experts will travel to any part of the UK.

The investigation of crime very often involves the use of Forensic evidence, and such evidence includes:

All aspects of DNA profiling; Blood pattern analyses on weapons, clothing and scenes; assessment of injuries; footwear & fabric impressions; fingerprints; fibre transfer; particulate material transfer (eg glass); legal classification of ammunition & firearms; handwriting comparison; motor vehicle accident investigation; Arson investigation and associated laboratory examinations; all aspects of drugs cases including classification of drugs, drudg and packaging comparisons, drug valuations, drug usage issues, and yields from cannabis plants; technical defence drink / drug drive matters; all aspects of toxicology evidence;

Our experts can attend at the various Forensic agencies used by the Police (for example Cellmark Forensic Services, LGC Forensics and Key Forensics) and of course the ever increasing number of  Police Force "in house" Forensic facilities to undertake our examination of exhibits and scrutinise the scientific case records.

In some cases, the Defence might require items to be examined that were not examined on behalf of the Prosecution, and we have our own facilities to allow us to examine such items.

Once our fully critical and robust evaluation of any Forensic evidence has been undertaken our comprehensive expert reports will be prepared in accordance with your instructions and in light of the circumstances of your particular case, and if required we can attend at any Court to assist you either in the cross examination of a Prosecution expert and / or provide our own live evidence from the witness box.

Our experts are each recognised in their respective fields of expertise within terms of their laboratory skills, interpretation of Forensic evidence, and courtroom skills.

We recognise that many defendants will be subject to some form of legal aid representation order, and we provide formal quotations for our work and report preparation in accordance with the various expert rates / fixed fees imposed by the Legal Aid Agency.

Our full contact deatails (adresses, telephoen numers and emails) is available on our website at

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